About the Shop & Owner



The Unconditional Self Love Boutique !!

About the Shop
     First of all we want to thank you for giving us an opportunity. You have no idea how much this means to my family and myself.
     We are a very small shop based out of a small town in Southwestern Kansas. It all started out like a hobby, became a dream and grew into what it is today!! Everything made here is with love and dedication. Always striving for the best for our customers while keeping our prices as low as possible always. 
    We first began as a children's bow shop known as Sweet Giggles. Sweet Giggles started approximately six years ago in in a small corner of our living room in our mobile home. In 2018 my family purchased our first home. We moved and now Sweet Giggles had its' very own room inside our home. 
     We are currently still based from our home. Though we recently expanded our shop and now carry women clothing and accessories! We have tshirts, sweatshirts,tumblers, earrings & other items!! With our recent expansion came a need for a new name. 
     The year 2021 was a hard year for me. Life was a roller coaster and I had to slow down with the shop. But I always new that I wanted to continue. When I decided I was ready to open back. I thought very long and hard for a name that would speak to me. I wanted it to be something meaningful not only to me but to my awesome and always supporting customers. And one day it came to me, The Unconditional Self Love Boutique.
   Of course my shop and I wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for friends, family and our loyal customers who have supported us from the very beginning and they continue to do so till this day. You have believed in us and have put your trust in us. We promise to not disappoint. 
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About the Owner
     My name is Blanca, born and raised in Kansas. I am 30 years old and happily married to my loving and very supporting husband of twelve years. We have 5 little ones running around our home. Our oldest is thirteen years old and our youngest just turned three. As you can imagine our home is quite busy. 
       My husband works from sunrise to sunset. He is usually working out of town and comes home on Friday. So when I am not working on orders, I am running the kids to practices /games, appointments, school activities and so on all by myself. I love spending time with my family. Having family game nights, watching movies, fishing and cookouts is what I look forward to every weekend.
      My family is the most important for me. For this reason I try to focus on my shop exclusively Monday- Friday, early morning to late afternoon. Weekends and evenings I try to spend them with my family.
       Please understand that things sometimes come up that are unavoidable and that might put me behind. If this would end up happening and if it pushes back my TAT for shipping out orders I will try my best to reach out to you.
    Know that every order I get I make with so much love and dedication. I love working making bows for your little ones and finding new things for you. Everything I do for my shop I do it with passion. I would be in my shop all day if I could but just like you I have a family that needs me and I have to put down the fabric & all the cute items to attend to my family. 
   Please if you have any questions or concerns send me a message. I will try my very best to answer all questions to the best of my ability and to make it right if a problem should arise. 
I would love to see all your favorite new items and your little ones with our products. Feel free to snap a picture and share with us on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok. 
     Once again, thank you for all the love and support. This wouldn't be possible without you all.
    With Much Love,
       Blanca Celis